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11.21.2014 0
Various Things…

Halloween 2014

So there's nothing really new to report other than we had a great Thanksgiving at Charles and Christine's house and I can say this was the first year that she cooked everything and everything was 100% perfect; from the turkey to all the dishes. I was amazed because cooking different things at different times is impossible for me on that scale and she nailed it. Great job Christine! I guess one thing to report is Riley had another tooth come out while brushing her teeth and she got her school pictures. I posted a picture of Kasey sleeping in her bed because one night we were going to bed and we just happened to peek in Riley's room and see them sleeping together, it was so sweet. Both girls are growing up so fast it's amazing. Soon 2015 will be here and every year I wonder where the hell did the last year go. I know every generation says this... every year people say this but seriously, time HAS to be moving faster.

The girls and I have this thing where I chase them around the house, where I'm the guards and they are the princesses. Basically it's re-enacting the movie Frozen... which I just found out a Frozen 2 is in the works... anyone surprised? So enjoy the funny video.

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