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Riley’s Preschool Graduation

05.11.2014 1
Riley’s Preschool Graduation

Riley's Pre-Shool Graduation

Shortly after Vegas we had Riley's graduation party from Pre-school which was really nice. I'm glad Jenny got some video of it. She's officially a kindergardener now. School starts in August and probably a couple weeks before we'll have to all get into a new routine. I already have difficulties trying to wake up for work before 9am but now I'm going to have to start waking up around 7 something. Now I see how older people whose kids have already grown up can't ever sleep in -- it's because their bodies have been conditioned over YEARS of waking up early. For me, sleeping in is 10am! Jenny and I used to sleep a solid 13 hours without batting an eye.

Kasey just had her second birthday party. This girls is just learning so much. She's almost speaking in complete sentences to us, sometimes her answers are in complete sentences. She's very smart and independent. I can already see some of her behaviors from me in her and while that's good for her when she grows up, I kinda am starting to fear the teenage years. The "terrible 2's" have already shown up here and there. Riley never had those but I don't think we'll get out of it that easy this time. We got some great photos of the party. Next time, no grilling; we're doing sub sandwiches. Make sure you check out her gallery under our photos.

So, next couple weeks will be Riley's party and then San Diego... and now we're adding a trip to Kansas in some time in July. I'm really hoping we don't get burned out and still want to hit up Vegas with the family one last time before the summer is out!

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Charles R Jones II:

Nice! smile

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