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Riley’s 5th Birthday

05.25.2014 1
Riley’s 5th Birthday

Riley's 5th Birthday

Two big birthdays within a couple weeks of each other and this is the first time that we really had to do two big ones. I'm thinking next year will be Chuck E. Cheese. I'm pretty sure Riley was more excited this year about her party than last year and she pretty much got all the presents she had her heart on, including some things that I thought were pretty cool: an "are you ready for kindergarten" game show game. It was pretty fun having all of Riley's friends over from her pre-school and I wonder how many more friends she'll make next year in Kindergarten. The total invited were 40 about 35 showed up. We had a pool party which help to divide the time, then put on movies for the kids with popcorn.

After the party was over, then the after party began with Jenny's family which lasted until Jenny and I were walking around like zombies from being so tired. What's that -- 3am you think? 4am? no, midnight. That's how we roll these days. ;-( Most times i can stay up until 2am sometimes 3am and still be functioning with the kids the next day but with all the decorating and party planning it really takes it out of you and even today I'm just now starting to feel some energy and it's already 3:30pm and I've had two travel mugs of coffee and a bloody mary.

The house was a wreck but I managed to get it all cleaned up in a short amount of time. The floor desperately needs to be mopped. Not sure what we'd do if our downstairs was carpet. Anyway, enjoy the photos, and thank you to all whom came!

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Charles R Jones II:

Thanks for having us, and for all the food and fun!

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