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Potty Training and Camping

09.03.2014 0
Potty Training and Camping

Kasey has pretty much started attempting to potty train herself for quite a while. It was encouraging to see this because I thought it'd make it easier when we did go to potty train her; and I was right. I think we only had like two accidents during the night but she surprised me by waking herself up and going to the bathroom. We definitely were blessed with easy potty training kids, but I also think that following that manual was what really worked.

So in a very short time span, she stopped breast feeding, stopped pacifier, and potty trained which is a lot of progress. Then came labor day and that's when everything fell apart. NO, I'm only kidding. Labor day was everything I hoped it would be for four years now since our last camping trip. The only thing that would have made it better would have been Alex and Charles coming along, but we had Sylvia and Patrick come and Nicki and Tara. I think from the pictures in our gallery, you can see we had a great time. Sam had everything ready to go, from the camper with tons of food to the generators with heaters for our tents at night (was in the low 50's). He also brought the ATV and gave some rides on. Everyone brought their guns and went shooting except for me because I'm too lazy to clean my gun.

Of course, when we got home I got a crazy fever but feel better now, thankfully. Enjoy the photos!

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