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Let the summer begin

03.29.2014 0
Let the summer begin

Summer Fun 2014

Bathroom surprise

We've had a pretty early spring this year. I mean it kinda started getting really warm in January which I've never seen Granted, I've only been here since 2005 but I mean come on, JAN!? So, needless to say my allergies were in full swing because without fail something blooms in fall and spring out here. I'd love to find out exactly what it is. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a single, specific plant or bush. Thankfully it disappears during the summer but I've seen Kasey experience what looks like allergies already - poor girl! We have a "boogie" problem every minute of the day. But a couple of days ago we did our traditional "go buy a plastic round pool" so we can put under the slide. It's great for the kids to get wet without getting in the pool which is way too cool right now. I don't get in unless it's over 83 and it's probably mid 70's at best right now.

This summer is going to be epic. First we have Vegas for a couple days at the RIO with April, Sam, Christine/Charles and hopefully more! My goal is to find the elusive Hangover III filming location overlooking the valley with the strip in the distance. Staying at the RIO will be different this time. It'll certainly be a change from our home away from home "SouthPoint". They have a much bigger pool, but it's a lot older. One thing they have which is totally off the hook is a true beach entry pool with sand. I'm not completely sure how that even works but it's badass. I'll take some photos. Then hopefully a few summer barbeque's in between before we're off to San Deigo for a private rented residence for a week with all the kids (cousins) to hang out at (my brother and sister's kids). See pictures below. We're going to spend a week there. I imagine a lot of wine by the fire pit.. I took some video of the kids and some pictures. I also threw in a dog snout for good measure. Oh and I can't wait to make margarita pops - check that shit out! PS, Kasey is really trying hard to potty train herself. She's already pooped and peed in the toilet. We haven't even really talked about potty training her yet -- but she wants to grow up so fast!

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