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Las Vegas 2014

05.08.2014 0
Las Vegas 2014

This time Vegas was fun because we weren't used to going with family and friends. We had a blast and everyone kinda did their own thing which made it much easier for everyone to really enjoy what they wanted. We hit up the M Resort for their epic buffet which serves free wine and beer. Jenny and I had the kids so we didn't partake in the roller coasters everyone rode at New York, New York Casino but I hear it was awesome. I had no interest in going on The High Roller , but we are trying to go back at the end of the summer and I think I would try it simply for the views.

It was also fun staying at a different hotel this time. The Rio is pretty nice and offers a lot if you want to party. I particularly liked the different options they offered for food. That was a nice change and they have a much classier, upscale interior, but we've stayed for so long at South Point I feel that's our real home and I kinda missed it. I think anyone who leaves Las Vegas is instantly ready to go back and that's how I feel now. All in all it was a blast and we look forward to another visit! I only took pictures of us at the pool. We've been to Vagas so many times, there's no need for the same pics over and over again wink

Of course our visit couldn't be complete without our traditional quest to find The Hangover shooting locations. We've pretty much found all of them here in Las Vegas. We found the climactic scene where Chow shoots Marshal, but since it's private property we'll risk it next time; it's in Summerlin and I can tell you I wouldn't mind living there!! Here's the most recent location we visited - Jade's apartment which is a Day's Inn off the 15fwy. If you're there, you can find the exact room at 825.

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