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Pumpkins and Halloween Celebrations

10.18.2014 0
Pumpkins and Halloween Celebrations

Halloween Fun 2014

Seems like this last part of this year has gone by even faster than it started and we're not even into the holidays yet. Riley's progress in school has been awesome. She's started writing sentences, albeit very basic. But what's amazing is you can actually read the majority of it, some words off just by a letter. Apparently by the end of the year they'll all be spelling correct sentences. This is amazing considering when I was in kindergarten was more like a day care at best. Kindergarten now has become the new first grade.

I'm really looking forward to Halloween this year, and planning on having Halloween at our house next year so that I can rig the movie projector up and screen "Monster House" onto the garage door. If Terry wasn't already planning on having an awesome Halloween blowout, I'd beg to do it this year! The great pumpkin visited this year as always, without fail. One of these days I'm going to catch that son of a gun. I really can't wait to see everyone's costumes and the kids and stuff so I'm really looking forward to that. Am I the only one that gets the blues later in the evening on Halloween. It's like one of my more favorite times of the year and just knowing that it's over kinda gets me down as you see one ore two kids left running from house to house. I wish it were like a three day thing.

Welp, time to watch my ghost shows... Enjoy the pics.

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