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First Day of Kindergarten

08.04.2014 0
First Day of Kindergarten

Welp, today was the long-awaited first day of Kindergarten for Riley! She was very VERY excited about it. I'm thankful that she loves school so much as we could have easily have been one of the parents that I saw with the screaming kid down the hallway... Which now that I think of it, I was that kid in Preschool. When it came to Kindergarten, I was tying my shoelaces together in protest and have been protesting school ever since. Riley LOVES school though which really is awesome. Jenny and I both really like the school and the teacher came highly regarded by one of our friends, Samantha. This morning she just rolled right up, no hesitation, backpack, full, lunch ready! Before we left, we made sure to check in on her through the window and saw her smile so we knew things were going to be okay. On a side note, my parents come in today for a couple days. Going to be an exciting week!

I'll update this blog post when she gets home and we hear all about her day!

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