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Easter 2014

04.20.2014 2
Easter 2014

Decorating Eggs: Easter 2014

Easter 2014 Egg Hunting

Wow this has been quite a weekend of birthdays, Easter celebrations and Riley having friends and cousins over to play. I was surprised at how much Kasey got into decorating eggs and she did a pretty good job at finding them too. This year they got some things that needed like toothbrushes and clothes, and they got Kites which we still have to take them out to the park to fly them. Riley has a special kite from her grandma that we are keeping from her until we are ready. They're pretty big into sidewalk chalk right now so Jenny got them some chalk holders. They're pretty cool and the best part, no more broken pieces of chalk all over the place. If you're interested they look like this: Chalk Holders.

Going over to Michelle and Zach's today so the kids can play and find Easter eggs. Looking forward to seeing Sarah and just relaxing while the kids play by themselves. Lately, Riley has needed constant attention and to be engaged in something; that's how I know she needs full day kindergarten. She loves School and her friends and get soooo bored at home. I just drains your energy so whenever we go where there are other kids it's always a nice break!

I thought I'd post the picture of Jenny's Easter carrots. There's bread molded to the shape of a carrot, cream cheese and shredded carrot topped with broccoli.

Photos and such...

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Charles R Jones II:



Did you catch the brown Easter egg at the end of the second video? hehe

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